Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My fave song today: Damin Eih, ALK and Brother Clark - Thundermice

Ok, I am not even sure how I stumbled upon this one... some sort of related artist to Relatively Clean Rivers or something on Last.fm. Regardless, I had never even heard of Damin Eih, ALK or Brother Clark and their private press album Nevermind from 1973. I don't even know much now, what I did find out I learned from this entry (and comments) on the awesome Garden of Delights blog. The whole album really does have a totally stoned vibe, well recorded, groovy instrumentation; sometimes a little overboard on the harmonies/singer-songwriter vibe, but at its best it really does have something for everybody. The evidence is "Thundermice," my fave track on the album, hell my fave (non Lil Wayne) track in general of the last few days... An almost sub dark America vibe opens the song with the wide open strumming and runs up and down the neck and that spark of harmonics on an acoustic. The deep voiced bummer vocals affect a vaguely English feel (these dudes were from Minnesota it seems) touching on what could be that elusive so-called "acid folk." Calming, but still kinda dark (thunder clouds, yo!) the jam leads into an awesome breakdown around 1:42 when a rudimentary guitar/fuzz solo takes over for about 30 second before the vocals, strums and piano sink back in. Even the harmonies of "thundermice, thundermice, thundermice" after the solo are great. Since the songs bleed into each other, this one cuts off with a few seconds of the next song "Monday Morning Prayer's" mantra of "the world is ridiculous, the worlds is ridiculous, the world is ridiculous" and I swear to god it reminds of Fugazi. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a legit edition (or non legit, even) for purchase on the internet... if anyone finds one, drop a line.

Damin Eih, A.L.K. and Brother Clark - Thundermice (from the LP Nevermind)


Brill Building said...


i'm really interested in this LP.
is it possible to have a mp3 version of this Lp?



Anonymous said...

This album was made by a friend of ours named Damin Eih. I have a copy of the album and the actual painted picture that is on the cover. The picture was given to my husband and I for a wedding present 40 years ago by Damin Eih.