Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Acid Mothers Temple @ Johnny Brenda's March 24 2008

Another fantastic Acid Mothers Temple (& The Melting Paraiso UFO) show... Monday night in Fishtown with the best freakout/trip band in the world today, baby! Here are some pics. Full review forthcoming... but rest assured it was great! The best bet there is, always delivering. Yeah!

UPDATE: So I rolled down to the show with Prophase main man Mike and met up with Acid Mothers Temple vet Susannah and her dude Josh. Beers and such and blather about The Wire (tv show, not the mag). Caught some of Danava's opening set, about two songs... quite tight rifforama that seemed to give up the goods quite well.

This time around it was the core group of Kawabata, Higashi, Tsuyama and drummer Shimura Koji on their "Recurring Dream And Apocalypse Of Darkness Tour." The last few AMT tours I have hit at least two or three shows, but this time around, due to so many shows coming up, this one was the only one I was gonna catch. Anyways, since I drove, prob the most sober I have been at an AMT show. Johnny Brenda's is defintely a great place to see them, the sound was pretty good and with the balcony there are a lot of vantage points. They took off with a cool improvisational opening jam as they are wont to do. Some low mumble vocals from Tsuyama led to a little bit of "Douchebag."

For the last few years, despite releasing two, three or four full lengths a year, the band's live shows concentrate on basically three songs: "Pink Lady Lemonade," "La Novia" and "Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky (aka Dark Star Blues)." That said, the jams and arrangements change regularly and new aspects are added and discarded, making their standards substantially different each tour, hell even each show. This show was no different. The heavy throb of "Dark Stars..." followed up and always feature some great vocals from Tsuyama... this one ended with a little bit of what may or may not have been "Pussyhead Man From Outer Space."

A new arrangement of "La Novia" was next, after some whistling and such. This seemed to be a more serious Tsuyama night, no puppet shows or Pete Rose impressions. There is definitely something to the "if Phil is on, the band is on" deal with Tsuyama and AMT. This arrangement was very quiet and subdued compared to the overwhelming riff of the usual "La Novia" and it also included a bit of "La Le Lo." The band interplay was really starting to gell and it was pretty easy to get lost in the spiral solos Kawabata was spinning against the almost dub bass action. By the time of the final "real" riff, the heads were bobbing and rocking out. Some hippies rocking out too... man, next stop Bonnaroo for AMT! Fingers crossed.

At this point the opening riff of "Pink Lady Lemonade" was unfolded to a nice cheer and I snuck out of the Tsyuamazone for a little awesomeness and a bathroom break. Some almost sound effect comic snorting in the stall next to me followed by some puking! Wow. Just like a Dead show! Where is overalls guy?

"Pink Lady Lemonade" was the highlight of the night, for sure. The main riff went on forever, totally hypnotizing, only to be taken over by a crunching (but with wings!) solo from Kawabata, swinging with Shimura perfectly. Things eventually got fuzzy and spacey... refocusing on a very Krautrock influenced jam: motor drumming laced in with a pummeling but simple bassline; Kawabata's three note climbing riff blazing in wah wah as the jam went faster and deeper... the music just flying off of his fingers. Incredible. One of thee best versions of the song I have seen ended with them slamming full on into "Speed Guru" with Kawabata spinning his guitar by the neck and then hanging it off the balcony in a wash of feedback as people flipped out and screamed and clapped. Finally everyone else fizzled out and left the stage. Whew. Alas, no crazy encore to report, but it was an hour and 20 minutes well spent for sure.

Always pushing the boundaries, always taking the frame up and out. Amazing. Here is a recording of "Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky" from the Philly show. Thanks to Zappa Penguin for recording the show. While this jam is awesome, it is a lowish bit rate and I highly recommend you track down the full show on a torrent site or archive.org when it gets posted (posted now, along with three other shows from the East Coast tour, be sure to read ZP's reviews of the shows too)... And go see AMT!

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso- Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky live @ Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia PA March 24 2008.


Zappa Penguin said...

Hiya! Fret not - I'm positive that this show was recorded. I know this from a very reliable source - in fact, none other than the taper himself (who shares a room, a bed, a heart, a driver's license and a social security number with none other than myself).

Not only that, but another guy got video!

I still have to finish working on the D.C. show, but I promise i'll have Philly up before the weekend's over.

masonoise said...

Cool...I'll be opening for them here in SF on 4/8 with Numinous Eye. Always a great time!

nicepooperzine said...

hey zappa!

thanks so much for taping the show and uploading. I just got your recording of the Chapel Hill show and it sounds great!

take care