Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mountain High @ muscle beach Jan 27 2008

Did the Virginville-Allentown jaunt on Sunday, once again making great time. At Eric and Beth's pad, Eric showed me the new decor they are working on for Seeking Solutions With Suzanne's Suzanne.

Awesome. And awesome I got. After that, we headed over to Allentown, I was all uptight driving over, we can't miss Mountain High! Anyway, it was great to see Rodney Emo Motherfucker and Jesse, old roomates/crew members/crips from way back. Rodney looks exactly the same! Ask Eric! Beers and some whiskey, blabbing about the amazing Ralph Darden's views on Chicago and art; catching up on all the weirdos who hung around Cleveland St. Plus they filled in some details on a few Dan Gill stories as well. We all lived with a living legend. After babbling about that stuff, they drifted to their instruments and I found a corner and got awes. Mountain High played like half an hour or so, tightly wound psychy stuff actually. Fueled by two drummers and some extra drums from jogging-in-place Jesse, guitar and bass. Some songs were like psych surf, not quite as tribal crazy as I thought, what with all the drums. Cool swirling jams, but man I wish they woulda played like an hour and stretched out, seems like they can really improvise if they were set free. Eric and I split after snagging some CDs and t shirts from Rodney (thanks!) 'cause it was a Sunday night. Extremely mellow drive home. Here are some pics from the show.


theeasysubcult said...

rise above rodney!

i'd say geza x doing a karp cover backed up by members of monorchid.
if i did say that rodney'd love the last 2 but perhaps be too young for the geza x name drop.

nicepooperzine said...

geza x! man, one of the mountain high songs definitely reminded me of that black flag jam "out of this world."