Wednesday, October 24, 2012

La Musica Mystery Box Mystery Solved! La Musica Tapes Vol 3

While going through some old magazines, I found the info sheets from a long ago trade that correspond to the La Musica Mystery Box mentioned here and here. As theorized in the those posts, the info sheets do correspond to La Musica Tapes Vol 3 with the catalog numbers LMB 061-070. That said, the sheets are numbered, but I don't think they correspond completely to the discs. Oi.

Download links for each disc and all of the info sheets at the bottom of the post, but here are my theories on the discs/sheets. Please leave comments if you can help me figure this stuff out! If you can translate any of the Japanese stuff for any of the comps, please post!

Disc One - I think this one is a comp, the only name I can see from the info sheet is Holy Angels. It looks like the info sheet was ripped off from this.

Disc Two - I think this corresponds to the info sheet 2

Disc 3 - Corresponds to info sheet 3

Disc 4 - This is where things get tricky. The info sheet for disc 4 lists 3 tracks by Yamasa. The actual disc has 6 tracks, so I am not sure what this disc is exactly or what info sheet it corresponds to.

Disc 5 - This one has 3 tracks so I think it corresponds to info sheet 4, Yamasa.

Disc 6 - This one has 8 tracks so I think it matches info sheet 5, Kukuri Gakudan.

Disc 7 - Not sure on this one.

Disc 8 - Not sure on this one.

Disc 9 - Kind of sounds like Holy Angels, but I am not sure.

Disc 10 - This one has four tracks and seems like a compilation, so I think it corresponds to info sheet 10.

Disc One
Disc Two
Disc Three
Disc Four
Disc Five
Disc Six
Disc Seven
Disc Eight
Disc Nine
Disc Ten

La Musica Tapes Vol 3 Info Sheets