Sunday, November 30, 2008

Flower Travellin' Band NYC Dec 9 2008

So it looks like the originally scheduled Flower Travellin' Band reunion shows scheduled for Nov 22 and 23 did not happen, not sure why exactly, but they are now playing the Knitting Factory in Manhattan on Dec 9, hopefully they will play more dates in the states as it is unlikely I will make it to this one...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yahowa 13 West Coast Tour Dec 2008

Ok, not trying to turn this into the Yahowa 13 blog or anything, but it has been an exciting few months for fans of Yahowa, Father Yod, The Source Family and so on... And what a great way to finish off 2008! A Yahowa 13 West Coast tour! Dig the dates below... and also, in non-Yahowa news, Dr. Dog and Seth Kauffman were/was fantastic at the Starlight Ballroom last night.

Yahowa 13 2008 West Coast Tour:

Dec 15:
Nectar Lounge
412 N. 36th St. (Fremont)
Seattle, WA 9810

Dec 16:
Doug Fir Lounge
830 Burnside Street
Portland, OR 97214

Dec 17:
Humboldt Brews
856 10th Street
Arcata, CA 95521

Dec 18
333 Eleventh Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Dec 19
1717 Silver Lake Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026

So there ya go, West Coast heads... Enjoy! And hey look, I can post some more Yahowa 13 pics from the Knitting Factory in Manhattan from April 8 2008...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Acid Mothers Temple 2009 USA Tour Dates


Fri 04/03/09 Echo Los Angeles CA Sonic Suicide Squad
Sat 04/04/09 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco CA Sonic Suicide Squad
Sun 04/05/09 Holocene Portland OR Sonic Suicide Squad
Mon 04/06/09 Sunset Tavern Seattle WA Sonic Suicide Squad
Tue 04/07/09 Biltmore Cabaret Vancouver BC Sonic Suicide Squad
Fri 04/10/09 7th Street Entry Minneapolis MN Sonic Suicide Squad
Sat 04/11/09 Empty Bottle Chicago IL Sonic Suicide Squad
Sun 04/12/09 Grog Shop Cleveland Heights OH Sonic Suicide Squad
Mon 04/13/09 Magic Stick Detroit MI Sonic Suicide Squad
Tue 04/14/09 El Mocambo Toronto ON Sonic Suicide Squad
Wed 04/15/09 La Sala Rossa Montreal PQ Sonic Suicide Squad
Thu 04/16/09 Middle East Upstairs Cambridge MA Sonic Suicide Squad
Fri 04/17/09 Mercury Lounge New York NY Sonic Suicide Squad
Sat 04/18/09 Johnny Brendas Philadelphia PA Sonic Suicide Squad
Sun 04/19/09 DC9 Washington DC Sonic Suicide Squad
Mon 04/20/09 Ottobar Baltimore MD Sonic Suicide Squad
Tue 04/21/09 Local 506 Chapel Hill NC Sonic Suicide Squad
Wed 04/22/09 The Earl Atlanta GA Sonic Suicide Squad
Thu 04/23/09 Hi-Tone Cafe Memphis TN Sonic Suicide Squad
Fri 04/24/09 Hailey’s Denton TX Sonic Suicide Squad
Sat 04/25/09 Emos Alternative Lounge Austin TX Sonic Suicide Squad
Mon 04/27/09 Plush Tucson AZ Sonic Suicide Squad
Tue 04/28/09 Casbah San Diego CA Sonic Suicide Squad

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ugh... Remaining Dates of Plastic Crimewave Sound Tour Canceled

Plastic Crimewave Sound and Djin and Mondo Drag got stuck at the border going to Canada and their work papers were not in order. Not sure the exact cause at the moment and such, but a massive drag. This leads to the cancellation of the rest of the tour. Huge bummer as the sets I saw were incredible... Damn. At least there was a recording session to document this historic meeting of the psych minds... to be continued...

Plastic Crimewave Sound & Djin Aquarian, La Otracina, Mondo Drag

At the Knitting Factory, NYC... Nov 12 2008...

Headed up to this one with Mike from Prophase. We were both a bit burnt from this same bill minus La Otracina, playing the night before in Philly. Took the train this time around and was also safe in the knowledge that was heading into work late the next day. Unfortunately we got there a bit late and missed openers Khoutek who had put on a nice set of slow boil psych the night before. Tuning into their CDs on the way up revealed some nice Spacemen 3 and/or Floyd tendencies.

We ran in for Mondo Drag and only caught the end of their set, definitely disappointing (that we missed most of their set, I mean), as they were shit hot in Philly; a great blend of Sabbath type heaviness and some really fluid, ultra spacey guitar work. Nice and tight but just enough room for some really out there guitar action. It ain't all mega heavy though, in Philly they played a jam that was so close to the Ghost/Kurihara/Quicksilver thing that I was stressing trying to figure out if it was a cover or not. Anyway it was a great 15 minutes or so we got to see of them. Very impressive and their CD is great, too. And the Quicksilvery jam is on their CD and myspace "Death Rattles." We celebrated them by feasting on an awesome cookie and hoisting Red Stripes. Here are some pics of Mondo Drag from Marvelous in Philly.

La Otracina were great as always, taking over with that swagger and spazz deal. Newish guitar dude Phil is fitting in great and they are like heavy Hawkwind psych at points, but also punk and shit. I swear, my buzzed skull was demanding I yell out for "Walk Together, Rock Together" but luckly I didn't listen. They played the hits "Raze the Sky" and "Fight For The Night" as well as a jam that either was "Kick Out the Jams" or sounded just like it. I was a little dizzy at the point, so sue me. The heavy riffing and the swinging drums and that little bit of evil in with all the good vibes.

We retired for some much needed awes and a smoke break outside. It seems the Knitting Factory is moving to Brooklyn, which is a bummer of course. I saw a lot of great bands there and had lots of good times. Yep.

So this was the moment... Plastic Crimewave Sound with Djin Aquarian of Yahowa 13 as their second guitarist. I actually had to bail before they played their Philly gig, so this was my first exposure to the joined forces of psych goodness, all with that Chicago tie and stuff. Starting off with a cover of the Grateful Dead's "Caution (Do Not Step On Tracks)" (that is slated for release on a Dead covers comp I am putting together), the pretty much took off immediately, spirals and washes of deep guitar goodness mixed perfectly with each other. Steve was taking a more rock/heavy sound going on while Djin's acoustic through a bunch of effects provided such awesome color and background. While it was a super out there cover of one of the Dead's most heavy jams, Djin still gave a new dimension to the PCWS sound. I was definitely swirling myself and getting totally lost in the layers. Mark and Lawrence locked down a nimble (but not light) propulsive rhythm and Djin and Steve just piled on with the guitars. I stumbled around and took some pics and enjoyed more Red Stripe as they tore through some PCWS jams that sounded great with the addition of Djin's way distinctive play. They also played Djin's "Dinosaurs" and some other totally spontaneous jams. Nice long repetitive jams going deeper and deeper into the frontal lobe. Massively psychedelic, totally delivered on my high expectations. After much babble and beers and all that jazz, it was a knocked out train ride/car ride home for me and half day at the work place.

UPDATE: Ugh... PCWS and Mondo Drag got stopped at the Canadian border. Problems with the work papers... Massive bummer and the rest of the tour is canceled at this point... Fuck.