Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chromatic Mysteries & Racketshop Johnny Brenda's Feb 17 2009

Here are some pics from the jazz a thon at Johnny Brenda's last night. Great show with some incredible musicians. Chromatic Mysteries features Marshall Allen from Sun Ra's Arkestra as well as Eliot Levin and dudes from Bardo Pond and Kohoutek.

Racketshop opened up with some dizzying interpretations of Joe Morris music. I wasn't familiar with Joe Morris, so I can't really say how they compared, but their set was a sweet free funky spazz.


Chromatic Mysteries:

Chromatic Mysteries are also playing a few shows on the East Coast the rest of this week:

Wednesday 2/18 @ Twins Jazz (DC) $10, all ages, show at 8pm

Thursday 2/19 @ Windup Space (Bmore) $10, all ages, show at 8pm

Friday 2/20 @ The Studio at Webster Hall (NYC) w/ Paul Flaherty-Steve Swell-Randall Colbourne Trio $8 adv/$10 dos, all ages, doors at 7pm

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 10: Toho Sara

Toho Sara featured Nanjo from High Rise and Kawabata from Acid Mothers Temple (and both of them were in Mainliner). They mostly played acoustic and ethnic instruments to create a mighty drone. Toho Sara had a few CDs out on PSF and Fractile in the mid 90s. Anyway, this release comes to us from Nanjo's La Musica label. A cassette release with the catalog number LA-023. This one is a scraping, droning, wheezing session cut up into 4 songs. Here is the description from the La Musica Catalog:

023. TOHO SARA / Kami no miya
A departure from the norm with members of Group Musica guesting with the Toho Sara regulars. The collaboration between Group Musica, who aim for a mysterious fuion of contemporary classical and improvised music, and Toho Sara is totally unforced and natural, resulting in a new microcosm of sound. The unique melodies of ethnic and Western instruments blend in avant-garde fashion, forming new waves and musical imaes.

So there you go... enjoy!

Toho Sara - Kami No Miya (LA-023)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Top Music of 2008 in My Brain

Sheesh, I was trying to do the top ten deal or whatever of the stuff I heard this year... and just to cut to the chase, here we go, in a hazy order. I will add to it if I remember something, etc.

New Stuff:
Howlin Rain - Magnificent Fiend
Boris - Smile
Yahowa 13 - Sonic Portation
Lil Wayne- Carter III
Dungen - 4
Acid Mothers Temple - Pink Lady Lemonade~You're From Outer Space
Dr. Dog- Fate
Acid Mothers Temple - Cometary Orbital Drive
Like A Fox - Where's My Golden Arm?
Malkmus & the Jicks - Real Emotional Trash
Mondo Drag - Holy Spirit
Crystal Antlers - ep
We All Inherit the Moon
Plastic Crimewave Sound - s/t

Pavement - Brighten the Corners
Acid Mothers Temple - Acid Mothers Temple Early Recordings
Teenage Jesus & the Jerks - Beirut Slump

Acid Mothers Temple and related:
AMT & Cosmic Inferno - Pink Lady Lemonade~You're From Outer Space
AMT & Melting Paraiso UFO- Cometary Orbital Drive
AMT & Yamamoto Seiichi - Giant Psychedelia
AMT & Melting Parasio - Acid Mothers Temple Early Recordings
AMT & Cosmic Inferno - Hotter Than Inferno - Live in Sapporo 2008
Kawabata - Kiss Me Goodbye

Lil Wayne & The Empire - The Drought is Over 6
Clipse - Road to Til The Casket Drops
Lil Wayne/ DJ Cinema - Starring in Mardi Gras
Curren$y - Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Freeway - Month of Madness