Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pagan Babies - Last CD/DVD

Philly's awes and gnarly Pagan Babies get the full reissue treatment from DRP Records, coming out July 13th. I was a pretty big sucker for these guys back in 87-88, I mean they were on Positive Force and actually played Central PA. And the one dude wore a Flyers jersey. So... yep. Enjoy! They did a reunion show in 2007 at the Church and will be doing a release show for this one somewhere sometime...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 26: Miminokoto - That Spiral Orbit

Happy Father's Day all you dads and such... This time around, we have an mp3 from long time Japanese Psych'sters, Miminokoto. The Acid Mothers Temple connection is drummer Shimura Koji, currently behind the kit for AMT and Miminokoto.

Miminokoto has been through line up changes and have a bunch of records out on PSF and Last Visible Dog, but this track comes from their 2010 release Chofu, Ekoda, Koenji: Live In & Around Tokyo on Plunk's Plan Records. Dreamy psych and great guitar playing from long time Nice Pooper pal, Suzuki Junzo (you can also catch Suzuki playing with Kawabata on the Astral Traveling Unit CD on Archive). Suzuki Junzo also creates some incredible psych folk with the Cosmic Inferno's Tabata in 20 Guilders. Whew!

Anyways, I love the weird ass bass or whatever it is on this song, almost as confusing as the first hearing of the jug on the 13th Floor Elevators' songs. A off kilter almost "Shakedown Street" wah wah plink wamp while the rest of the song reminds me of... David Crosby's "Cowboy Movie." Something of a trend in this house recently. Loose and trippy and awesome, a bit dark and still that weird hopefulness I get from the best of Japanese psych. Definitely something for fans of the more mellow side of White Heaven.

I think Eclipse carries this one, but if not, get in touch directly with Suzuki via his blog, Tapes-Echoes. I have ordered lots of stuff from him over the past few years and the turnaround is always quick and the music is always awesome!

Miminokoto - That Spiral Orbit

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's coming...

... as we proceed to give ya what ya need...

And yes, the awesome Yahowha 13 mini documentary, Fire Water Air will be screened at this groovy event.