Saturday, November 6, 2010

We Have Heaven, Fursaxa @ Secret Arts Space Nov 5 2010

Almost a year to the day after the awesome Fursaxa/We Have Heaven/Marble Sheep show at the Secret Arts Space comes this nice and mellow couchcore show. First Friday in Bethlehem, but we still snagged great parking, said howdy to Eric and quickly hit the "Your Welcome Inn" for some beers and Eddy Grant, Curtis Mayfield and uh, 311 on the jukebox. And smoking! A smoky walk back to the Arts Space, we caught up with K-town native Mike WKDU and blabbed about Pettibon with Eric. Then it was on to We Have Heaven doing it up. I definitely dig the fuller sound of the violin mixed with the minimalism of the (effected)guitars and loops and (usually brushed) drums. Really sublime and lilting, nice. Eric seemed to have some guitar problems, but the overall sound/vibe was great and kept moving forwards.

We hit the bar again for a quick a beer and missed Zomes for the most part. We caught about 3 minutes of his droned out keyboard heavy set.

Tara did a solo set as Fursaxa. The last time we saw her, she was playing with a harp and cello, this time around it was all loops and effects, voice and bells. Really stunning, the vocal loops especially were echoed to infinity and created a great background to work with. If you are gonna talk about "blissed out drone" you have to sit on a comfy velvety couch and get transported by the Fursaxa deal.

A fun night, lots of good vibes and good folks.

UPDATE: Mike added some audio and visuals from the evening on his awesome blog, Freedom Has No Bounds.


theeasysubcult said...

couchcore is the new psych.
beads defense league 2011 is the tip.

was awes to see you 2 andy. also kay dot is at SAS this weekend i believe with some lehigh valley gnarl-core locas.

nicepooperzine said...

yes! couchcore! haha... Beads Defense League!

Good times, man, The Angel Creeps!