Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dark Sea Dream - Behind The Eyes

Trust Aquarian hipped me to Dark Sea Dream after encountering them at the DC stop of the Yahowha 13 East Coast tour in 2009. I am not sure if he actually said the words "wind tunnel," but that sticks out for some reason. His tales of the band hitting insanely loud peaks, taking the best trance inducing aspects of showgazey stuff with long jams sounded right up my alley for sure, though I didn't get to see them and still haven't... one of these days. Anyways, part of the intrigue was that the Yahowha 13 dudes absolutely loved 'em and Trust said they were zoning out and grooving with the vibes in a most awesome manner... The live recordings and CDr I heard were pretty great, as were the tales of their SXSW domination. And of course the house jams Trust captured with the Dark Sea Dream dudes jamming with Yahowha 13, Janina Angel Bath and Grant Hart! The Prophase Power Boogie Band!

Hopefully those recordings and something new coming this year on Prophase. Also in the hopefully category, an appearance on the often-delayed psych Grateful Dead covers comp I have been putting together. This live jam is from their limited to 100 CDr 2010 SXSW tour CD. Totally reminds me of a bleak(er) Crazy Horse or David Crosby's "Cowboy Movie" (a jam they turned Trust on to, who then laid it on me, definitely a glaring hole in my burnt collection!) on a slow boil. Some depths of Fushitshua vocals and I am on board for sure. The studio (I think) version of the same song from their Harsh Times CDr is longer and has a different mood, and I recommend it as well.

Dark Sea Dream - Behind The Eyes (live)

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